The Russian Federation turns off the “administration” in the Kherson region: the General Staff told how the enemy will escape

Nadia Prishlyak19:51, 08.05.23

The invaders plan to carry out the removal of documents and loot by sea.

In Skadovsk  and a number of other settlements of the Kherson region, the activities of the occupation administrations are being curtailed,  the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine  reports in an evening summary.

In particular, in Skadovsk there is a curtailment of the activities of the district and city administrations. On the night of May 6-7, the occupiers loaded documentation, office equipment and other property of state institutions into vehicles. Already on the morning of May 7, together with their families, a significant part of the Russian occupation administration left the city.

“Currently, a similar situation is observed in such settlements of the region as Mikhailovka, Petrovka, Shevchenko, Shirokoye, Ulyanivka and Krasnoe,” the report says.

The General Staff noted that, given the many kilometers of traffic jams that have recently formed at the entrance to the Crimea and in the area of ​​​​the Kerch bridge, the invaders plan to carry out the export of documentation and looted property from state institutions of the temporarily occupied Kherson region by sea, using a dry cargo vessel, through the port city ​​of Berdyansk. 

The flight of Russian invaders from the south of Ukraine – what is known

Against the background of the expected Ukrainian counter-offensive, the Russian invaders are fleeing themselves and taking out the population of the occupied territories of the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions.

Under the guise of “evacuation” the Russian military is stealing cars and looting, the General Staff reported. Due to the “evacuation” at the entrance to the Crimea occupied by the Russian Federation, huge traffic jams formed.

The Ukrainian side predicts that the Russian occupiers are going to use the deported population of the occupied territories as a “human shield” in the future .

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  1. 9th of May gatherings in occupied Ukraine are banned by Russia……………………

    • That’s because the gatherings will include color photos of orcs recently killed in Ukraine.
      Poopin is emptying Zaporitsia region and Kherson so I guess we have a green light to Melitopol. Bring the missiles, let’s shut down Poopin’s bridge to Mordor.

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