The enemy attacked Kyiv and the region with drones, air defense worked, there are victims

Katerina Chernovol03:18, 08.05.23

In several districts of the capital, the fall of the wreckage of drones was recorded.

Russian occupation troops attack Ukraine with drones. In particular, enemy drones seen in the sky over Kiev and the region, air defense forces are working there.

“Kyiv region! UAV threat. Air defense forces are working on targets. Stay in shelters and other safe places until the end of the alarm. Take care of yourself and your loved ones!” – reported in the Kiev regional military administration. 

Subsequently, the Kiev city military administration reported that air defense was operating on the outskirts of the capital. It should be noted that an air alert has been declared in Kyiv and the region. 

Updated 01:22: Explosions are heard again in Kiev and the region. The KGVA confirms the work of air defense and urges people to stay in shelters.

Updated 01:59: The mayor of the capital, Vitaliy Klitschko, reports the fall of UAV wreckage in the Svyatoshinsky district of Kiev.

“All services are sent to the place. We are clarifying information about damage and victims,” ​​he said.

Updated 02:10: “Three victims at the site of the explosion in the Solomensky district and one in Svyatoshinsky. Medical assistance is received on the spot,” Klitschko said.

Updated 02:17: “The air raid continues in Kyiv. Stay in shelters. According to preliminary information, there are injuries and destruction. So, probably, as a result of the fall of debris on a parked car in the courtyard of a residential building, a car caught fire. There is a recorded fall of debris on a residential house and on the roadway,” said Sergei Popko, head of the KGVA.

At the same time, Klitschko added that two victims were hospitalized in the Svyatoshinsky district.

Updated 02:38: Vitali Klitschko announced new explosions in Kiev.

“The fall of UAV debris on a two-story building in the Svyatoshinsky district. Services are sent to the place,” he added.

The head of the KMVA, Sergei Popko, also reported on the fall of drone fragments in other places.

“In the Svyatoshinsky district of the capital:

– probably due to falling debris, a car caught fire;

– a fall of debris on a residential building was recorded;

– there is a fall of debris on the roadway. It is known about one injured person.

In the Solomensky district, it is known about the fall of debris on the runway of the Zhuliany airport. There is no fire. All emergency services are on the ground.

Information about the destruction and victims in all districts of the city is being specified,” the statement said.

Updated 02:54: In the Shevchenkovsky district of the capital, debris probably fell on a separate 2-storey building, according to the KGVA. The emergency services are working on the spot. Information about the victims is being specified.

Updated 03:09: In Kiev and the region, the end of the air raid alert.

Updated 03:16: The KGVA clarified the consequences of a drone attack on the capital.

“In the Shevchenkovsky district of the capital, debris probably fell on a separate 2-storey building. A high-pressure gas pipe was damaged with a gas torch burning. A portable fire monitor is working, the flame was knocked down, the State Emergency Service and the gas service are working. a fuel tank with a capacity of 10 tons was damaged, there is a leak, there is no fire, the State Emergency Service dispatched,” the message says.

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  1. “In the Solomensky district, a tank (5 tons) with a diesel fuel leak (without ignition) was damaged. 15 trucks and 5 cars were damaged in the parking lot. Also, probably due to debris, a high-pressure gas pipe was damaged, followed by burning of a gas torch, the gas was shut off , the fire has been extinguished,” the city authorities said.

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