It smelled of fried: in the occupied south, “policemen” want to be fired en masse

Katerina Chernovol22:59, 08.05.23

The leadership of the occupying “police” refuses to sign the dismissal reports.

In the temporarily occupied territories of southern Ukraine, representatives of the so-called “police” are trying to quit and desert to the territory of the Russian Federation in order to escape from the Ukrainian counteroffensive.

As reported by the Center for National Resistance, a large number of collaborators from the occupying “police” in the temporarily occupied territories of Zaporozhye and Kherson regions have already written letters of resignation, planning to evacuate to the territory of the Russian Federation before the start of the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“In addition to the fear of facing a Ukrainian court for high treason, the policemen are also afraid of the prospect of falling into the ranks of the occupying army. However, the leadership of the occupying” police “refuses to sign dismissal reports and forbade collaborators to leave the settlements in which they” serve “. Moreover, the policemen are also recalled from holidays,” the message says.

To avoid meeting with the UAF, some collaborators tried to arrange hospitalization in local hospitals. However, this is not easy to do, since almost all the beds are occupied by wounded Russian invaders.

The situation in the occupied territories

Russian invaders illegally deport Ukrainians from the temporarily occupied territory of the Zaporozhye region. People are taken by bus to the Crimea and Russia.

Alisa Sysoeva, a deputy of the Zaporizhia District Council and a journalist, noted that the most lively “evacuation” is taking place in the occupied Tokmak. The Russians  burn documents and threaten to force people to be deported .

At the same time, the Russians also began to fuss in the Kherson region – the occupiers are curtailing the “administrations” there . The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that collaborators were being taken out, in particular, from the occupied Skadovsk.

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  1. Nice, how these traitors are getting cold feet and are forced to stay by their new masters. The day of reckoning is near!
    Meanwhile, the mass kidnappings are continuing. What do we hear about this from the UN, AI, and the other useless international organizations?

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