Igor Girkin is very pessimistic today

Igor Girkin is very pessimistic today.

He says it is time to start thinking about preventing Russia from falling apart because military defeat is near.

Translation: Regular readers and listeners should remember the assessment of the situation that I laid out (and expressed) last winter.

One of the theses was: “If the necessary national measures for the successful conduct of the war are not taken before May, we will not be able to win this war.

I state: NO MEASURES HAVE BEEN TAKEN. Neither organizational nor personnel.

The goals of the war have not been determined, and the inhabitants of the Planet of the Pink Ponies(PRP) have not understood that “this war will be fought until one side is victorious. Accordingly, since there is no goal, there is no strategy. No strategy – no conscious work on its implementation.

But the enemy has a strategy from the beginning and is being implemented with all its might. More and more successfully since the Kremlin is “playing giveaway” with an inexplicable enthusiasm and childlike confidence in the ultimate “contract” that is comfortable for the elderly Ponies, Elephants, and Unicorns.

Now we have to think about how to preserve the state, the country and the people in a situation of impending military defeat.

And, yes – even for a “worthy non-fatal defeat” (in which our enemies will be forced to abandon their plans for the complete fragmentation of Russia and the elimination of its sovereignty) we will have to fight long and hard.

Harder and longer than it would have been if we had fought to win decisively from the outset.

And the longer the occupants of the PRP will linger in the “sweet languor” of confidence in their peaceful and happy old age (which has long come for most of the VIPs) – the less chance that in the end the Russian ship will manage to get out of the military storm and systemic crisis, without sinking (after a long and bloody Troubles) into History.

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  1. Now we have to think about how to preserve the state, the country and the people in a situation of impending military defeat.
    Old Bean: Start a coup, revolution, a civil war……..you can do it…………….start tomorrow………..!

  2. I think we have to take all the statements of these orcs with caution.

    Seriously, the moans of the love triangle “Prigozhin, Kadyrov, Girkin” could be just a smokescreen. For example, the ukrainian command said that there was no evidence of an alleged shortage of Wagner terrorists ammunition in Bakhmut. Quite the contrary!
    Look at the place that Moscow’s statements have taken in recent days in the media space… Insane!

    We have to take all of this with caution. Girkin first. How is it possible that this man is alive after all his criticism of the Orc operation?

    Never forget “fortitude operation” in all circonstances. Orcs are beastly but they might know how to read a history book 🙂

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