“We won’t get them”: Tsarev cynically admitted why the Russian Federation actually hits civilian targets

Marta Gichko15:14, 07.05.23

According to him, the invaders would like to get the leadership of Ukraine, but they cannot.

The traitor Oleg Tsarev openly admitted that Russia deliberately hits civilian targets, because it cannot reach the leadership of Ukraine.

On the air of one of the propaganda programs, Tsarev said that allegedly the entire Ukrainian military-political leadership was “sitting in bunkers”, so the Russians would not get them. Instead, they can launch rockets at residential buildings, which they do.

“The answer will not be given to the people who conceived this operation – they are sitting in bunkers. They have not been sitting in the President’s Office and the Ministry of Defense for a long time. They are all sitting in bunkers, we will not get them. The residents of Kiev, Uman, Dnipro will receive an answer…” – Tsarev declared cynically.

https://www.unian.net/player/LtSrzX4aTsarev directly admitted why the Russian Federation hits civilian targets

Russian cynical attacks on civilian objects

Russia is trying to thwart the Ukrainian counter-offensive with bloody rocket attacks on residential buildings. Recently there was such a massive attack – around 5 am on April 28, Russia launched a massive missile attack on Ukraine. 23 missiles and two drones were launched, 21 missiles were shot down by Ukrainian air defense forces. 

One of the unshooted Russian missiles hit a residential  high-rise building in Uman.  As a result of the hit, 23 people died, including six children. Three days of mourning for the victims was declared in the region.

Subsequently, on the night of May 1, Russia  fired 18 Kh-101/Kh-555 air-launched missiles into Ukraine  , of which 15 were shot down.

On the same night, the enemy  struck at Pavlograd , hitting, in particular, an industrial enterprise. As a result of the Russian attack in the city, more than 20 high-rise buildings were also damaged, 34 people were injured. 

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  1. Bullshit. Zelensky, his staff and the highest military leaders are continuously traveling around, including abroad. They have no time to sit in a bunker, like the mafia munchkin is doing.

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