“Soon they will beat us”: Girkin did not appreciate Prigozhin’s “shell joy”

Marta Gichko14:22, 07.05.23

The terrorist stressed that the Wagner was probably given the necessary ammunition, having been taken away from other units of the invaders.

Terrorist Igor Strelkov-Girkin commented on the statements of the leader of the Wagner that his mercenaries were allegedly given shells, covered their flanks and were given carte blanche for any actions in Bakhmut, appointing General Sergei Surovikin as a “watchman” from the Russian Defense Ministry. 

As Girkin noted in his telegram channel, he has complaints about this entire “circus company”. The terrorist recalled that Surovikin “was marked by a brilliant de-escalation from near Kyiv, and then” a difficult decision “- surrendered Kherson.” At the same time, Shoigu and Gerasimov, hated by Prigozhin, “haven’t gone anywhere.” Girkin paid more attention to Prigozhin’s characterization.

“Prigozhin-nedobakhmutsky himself is a recognized master of “meat assaults”, who managed to advance at the cost of huge unjustified losses by about 15-20 kilometers in six months. That is, they will continue to fight just as mediocre and bloody as before. even those crumbs of ammunition that were given earlier to hand them over to the fighters of the Black Clown (from which they zealously “mould and mold Napoleon”, but the trouble is, it doesn’t work out in any way, because the material is shit …)”, – said Girkin.

At the same time, he stated that now it does not matter if the occupiers will “pressure” Bakhmut. This “victory” is only important for the future political career of Prigogine himself. 

“Soon we will be beaten. Since we did not succeed in beating the enemy during the winter-spring campaign from the word at all,” he said.

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  1. I really think Prigozhin and Girkin really want to die.

    Girkin does seem to be realistic and somewhat sane.
    Why isn’t he pro-Ukraine?

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