“Purges” continue in the Russian Federation: the former deputy head of the GSU was found with a bullet in his forehead

Veronika Prokhorenko20:29, 07.05.23

According to local law enforcement agencies, it was suicide.

“Purges” continue in the Russian Federation . This time, with a bullet in his forehead, they found the former deputy head of the Main Investigation Department (GSU) of the Don police headquarters.

We are talking about the 65-year-old pensioner Anatoly Turov, who was found dead in Rostov along with a personal Makarov pistol. Details are written by  1rnd.ru , citing information from a source in local law enforcement agencies.

“Next to the body of the deceased, his signature Makarov pistol was found,” he said. 

So, the version is spreading that the former high-ranking policeman committed suicide. 

It is also reported that before retiring Turov worked in the Federal Reserve. He suffered from oncology and was very “upset” in connection with the termination of service. 

At the moment, an investigation is underway in the Russian Federation to clarify the circumstances of death. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia has not yet commented on Turov’s death.

The FSB conducts a large-scale cleansing of the internal organs of the Russian Federation

Recall that on April 20, in their report, analysts from the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) reported that the Russian special services had launched an internal operation to clean up law enforcement agencies .

Raids, followed by dismissals with arrests, “covered” the National Guard, as well as the Moscow police department. 

Later, British intelligence officials clarified that the new layoffs are due to the anger of Russian dictator Putin, who is disappointed with the failures of the “special operation” in Ukraine .  

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