Moscow Mayor’s Office acknowledges that Kremlin before May 9 was gripped by “unprecedented nervousness” – media

Anastasia Pechenyuk15:09, 07.05.23

For Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, this is “the most important event of the year.”

Before the parade in Moscow until May 9, when Russia celebrates Victory Day, the Kremlin was gripped by “unprecedented nervousness,” a Moscow City Hall official told The Guardian .

“There is nervousness that I have never seen before. But there must be Victory Day, there is no other way out,” the official said on condition of anonymity.

Kremlin cancels Putin’s traditional reception for May 9t event of the year” and the cancellation of the parade in Moscow is impossible.

“Putin derives all his legitimacy from the parade, calling himself the direct successor to the army that defeated Nazi Germany. It is also Putin’s chance to show the nation that he is still strong and in control of the so-called special military operation in Ukraine,” notes Andrei Kolesnikov, senior Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Moscow.

The expert also predicts that at the parade on Tuesday, Putin is likely to give a speech drawing historical parallels between the two wars, falsely portraying Ukraine as the heir of Nazi Germany. He already did this during a speech last year when he said that the Russian army is fighting in Ukraine “so that there is no place in the world for rippers, murderers and Nazis.” He also claimed then that “victory will be for Russia, as in 1945.” 

How Russia prepares for May 9 

This year, on May 9, when Russia celebrates the victory in World War II, the celebration will be much smaller than before. 

Parades until May 9 have already been canceled in at least 21 Russian cities. Moreover, a wave of cancellations swept through not only the border regions of the Russian Federation and the occupied territories of Ukraine due to security reasons, but also in the Russian regions most remote from the front.

The parade in its usual form will not take place in the Russian “northern capital” either – in St. Petersburg they are organizing an event without an overflight of aircraft . At the same time, the Kremlin did not cancel the parade in Moscow .

The “Immortal Regiment” propaganda campaign  will not be held throughout the country, nor will there be a traditional reception for Putin. 

On Friday, May 5, Putin took the unusual step of holding a meeting with the Security Council to discuss preparations for the parade. In recent days, Moscow authorities have banned the use of drones and started jamming GPS signals in the city, while security officials in the Russian capital have been given anti-drone guns and binoculars to hunt UAVs.

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