MEP: Ukrainian Army Exceeds All NATO Standards

Ukraine has the largest forces in the entire democratic European continent.


The Ukrainian army, which over the past year has become the largest force in Europe, already exceeds all NATO standards. Andrius Kubilius, a Lithuanian politician and a Member of the European Parliament, expressed this opinion on the air of the telethon, according to UNIAN.

“I believe that Ukraine exceeds all NATO standards. You proved over the past year that the Ukrainian forces, with the help of Western weapons, are the largest force in the entire democratic European continent,” he said.

According to him, now the question is not whether Ukraine meets NATO standards, but whether other countries of the alliance meet the standard shown by Ukraine.

“It is absolutely clear to us that not only Ukraine needs to become a NATO member state to get security guarantees, but it is also very important for the Alliance that Ukraine become a member of the Alliance as soon as possible. Because your experience and military strength would help make NATO stronger,” Mr Kubilius added.


  1. “According to him, now the question is not whether Ukraine meets NATO standards, but whether other countries of the alliance meet the standard shown by Ukraine.”

    Which European NATO member comes even close to Ukraine’s military skills, courage, and steadfastness?
    Just a little over one year ago, the Ukrainian army was expected to lose within days or one or two weeks max, in the face of the mafia onslaught. Now, it not only stood its ground and pushed back the horde, but grew even stronger and this to the point where most NATO members can’t hold a candle to it. NATO should beg to join Ukraine, instead of the other way around.

    • Standing uselessly in the hot Arizona sun, waiting for a real president.

      • Yeah well I am sure Reagan would have a good welfare queen story to tell. You know, driving an expensive car off someone else’s dime.

        And if you think about, actually much of the military spending he borrowed money for was to counter the Ukrainian/Russian threat.

        We haven’t even paid that cost off yet, and now Ukraine wants us to borrow more to protect them against their abusive former partner.

        Ukraine didn’t give up useable nuclear weapons in exchange for protection. It gave up a burden that it couldn’t afford to make into weapons in exchange for the US paying for them to be destroyed.

        I think the Rolling Stones have a song about this …

        • Repeating useless narratives about the past, when Ukraine was forced to be a part of the SU, still doesn’t help your cause any. Repeating how great your too-little-too-late president is doing, still doesn’t make him great at all. There’s a specific reason why mafia land attacked now. They saw who’s in the WH. Repeating the tale of how Ukraine could never use those nukes is totally bonkers, seeing that Ukrainian scientists and engineers were a part of the Soviet nuclear programs.
          And so, our masses of material are still frying in the sun of various depots, just collecting dust, instead of being used for something useful. How about that? You always ignore this little detail. Why?

          • F-16s are enormously expensive. The money is better spent on air-defense.

            I doubt you are aware of the costs it would take to get those planes operations, shipped, set up, and maintained. Nor of the per hour operating costs. Nor of the fact that older planes typically have a higher operating cost which is usually why they are retired.

            I mean if we are talking planes F-16s are useless. Give Ukraine the F-22s that are set to be decommissioned this year or next. The might survive better but the cost …

            So no, I am not ignoring the cost.

            But I think you are deliberately ignore it as well as ignoring the fact that Ukraine was in no position economically to support a nuclear weapons program without starving people like North Korea and the specialists needed were no where near enough.

            But I guess what you really mean to say is that Ukrainians were forced to serve the dark lord in Moscow the way Russians are and so we shouldn’t blame the Russians for what it’s leaders do.

            I say that’s non-sense and it’s non-sense to imagine that Russia would have let Ukraine operate the Soviet nukes Russia still controlled. It just would have been an earlier war without US assistance. How would that have gone? Yeah and you know it too.

            • The costs you are referring too are irrelevant. Air power is a very important aspect of any war, especially against an enemy with a large air force. The costs are nothing when compared to the costs of a long, drawn-out war. The costs are irrelevant when people are dying each and every day … men, women and children. The costs are diddlysquat when there still is a danger of this criminal shithole winning this war. To hell with the costs!
              As for the types of aircraft, it doesn’t have to be F-16s. Send what’s best, send what’s most likely to help, send something to help defeat the crime syndicate once and for all.
              Twiddling thumbs and making lame excuses about why this or that can’t be sent WILL NOT WIN this war!

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