Intel chief Budanov: Russia no longer has ability to launch serious offensive anywhere in Ukraine


Russia no longer has potential to create another attempt for a serious offensive anywhere in Ukraine, but they are trying to accumulate certain missile stocks to disrupt Ukraine’s counteroffensive.

The relevant statement was made by Chief of the Main Intelligence Directorate at the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, Maj. Gen. Kyrylo Budanov in an interview with YahooNews, an Ukrinform correspondent reports, referring to the Main Intelligence Directorate at the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

“As of today, Russia has no military, economic or political potential to create another attempt for a serious offensive anywhere in Ukraine,” Budanov said.

However, in his words, the aggressor state is still completely capable of waging serious defensive operations, and this is the very problem Ukraine is about to face.

According to Budanov, Russians are trying to accumulate certain stocks and have them ready in order to try to disrupt Ukraine’s offensive.

“But, the truth is that they have taken their stocks almost to zero,” Budanov added.

At the same time, Ukraine’s intelligence chief noted the effectiveness of Russian activities in the information space. That is why any event, such as an imaginary rocket attack on the Kremlin, they will show as a victory for Russia, claiming that they have prevented ‘the biggest catastrophe to mankind’.

“It sounds like a joke, but indeed, Russian society is accepting of such stupidities,” Budanov explained.

A reminder that, on May 3, 2023, the press service of the Russian president reported on an attempted drone attack on the Kremlin. Russia called the incident as “a planned terrorist action and an assassination attempt on the President of the Russian Federation on the eve of Victory Day”.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky denied Ukraine’s attack on the Kremlin residence of the Russian president and Putin himself, adding that the Ukrainian side will leave it to tribunal.


  1. “However, in his words, the aggressor state is still completely capable of waging serious defensive operations, and this is the very problem Ukraine is about to face.”

    Well, at least Ukraine doesn’t need good air power, according to the Yellow House.

    • First of all, air defense is a top priority. You can stop your disinformation campaign now. HIMARs, JDAMs, HARMs, GLSDBs have all been provided. We have expanded production, reduced stocks and build new factories. What did Ukraine do for itself 2014-2022? Wasn’t it still exporting more than meeting domestic needs?

      Secondly, for the US to provide everything you want, it will have to borrow the funds. Even retires planes have large costs especially when setting them up in a new environment.

      Third, let’s not pretend that Ukraine ever had a working nuclear arsenal. Let’s not pretend it could have afforded to create one from the Soviet nukes on their property. Let’s not pretend the Russia would have allowed them to do so if they had tried, but rather this conflict would have just come sooner.

      Finally, the US has been avoiding a nuclear conflict with Russia since before Ukraine became a country and was happily helping to build nukes to destroy the US. Ukrainian calls to escalate should be ignored. I trust the White House, whether Republican or Democrat, to keep the US out of nuclear war.

      • It’s still too little and too late. We still have more airpower sitting in the desert than most countries have active in their arsenals. Without adequate airpower, any attack is most difficult.
        You’re like a passer-by who is witnessing a gang rape, and you feel good throwing the girl a knife. You refuse to intervene and you refuse to give her a gun, lest she kills one of them.
        And, here you go again with a narrative you simply can’t prove. Ukraine was very much a part of the Soviet nuke program, helping to develop all the varieties of nukes and their intercontinental rockets, the aircraft that carried them, the subs, and so forth, yet you keep insisting that Ukraine could never have used those nukes. That’s a downright stupid thought. And, Ukraine was never a part of the SU because it wanted too. The Holodomor happened for a specific reason. So, stop using this to help your sorry and very weak argument. You’re starting to sound like an idiot who is ignoring facts like the plague, just like a ruskie troll.
        Ukraine has always had a large weapons production base, yes, it also helped in the nuke programs. And, selling weapons was a way to garner income. Can you blame them? I certainly don’t. No one ever thought that such a war as now would happen. Nobody! So, there was no reason to keep all those arms and dismantling those industries was out of the question for obvious reasons.
        Our help has been too little too late, until now, to this very day. The way Biden has acted has prolonged the war. Period. This is a fact supported by everyone who is an expert on military matters. You are obviously wholly ignorant in this regard.
        Stop sounding like a dork, with arguments that don’t make any sense.

  2. Without the help of Ukrainian traitors, the orcs wouldn’t have even got out of Crimea.

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