In the Russian Federation, the missile attack warning system is dead: the Kremlin gathered to appoint the perpetrators – media

Anastasia Pechenyuk14:26, 07.05.23

All assurances about the “reliability of a continuous radar field” turned out to be untenable.

The Russian system for informing the top leadership of the country about a missile attack  has never been modernized and today is in a deplorable state. 

In the near future, it is expected to open criminal proceedings on fraud during the modernization of the system and search for the perpetrators, the VChK-OGPU project reports.

“For several years, Putin has repeatedly received notes about the deplorable situation with the Russian PRN system. All assurances about the “reliability of a continuous radar field” and the high tactical and technical performance of the early warning locators of the Voronezh radar station turned out to be untenable. Serious problems were identified in the work ground and space echelons of early warning systems and blatant corruption. … While building expensive stations along the entire perimeter of the borders of the Russian Federation, the system itself for informing the country’s top leadership about a missile attack has never been seriously upgraded. It’s like putting new digital fire sensors on an analog alarm system, “the project writes.

According to VChK-OGPU sources, each radar station cost Russia 20 billion rubles before the financial crisis. Most of the components were purchased abroad and under the guise of expensive and high-quality parts – transistors protected from interference and radiation. At the same time, in fact, the radars were supplied with cheap and unsuitable for military use parts. 

“According to the source, at the exit Russia now has unstable radar stations, which give a “window of opportunity” for an unanswered strike on the territory of Russia,” writes VChK-OGPU.

What is wrong with the Russian air defense system 

On the territory of the Russian Federation, various train explosions , fires at refineries , drone attacks , and so on are increasingly occurring . Various Russian partisan organizations often claim responsibility for these incidents. 

Against the backdrop of drone attacks, discussions flare up about why the Russian air defense system cannot effectively deal with them. Military-political observer Alexander Kovalenko called Russian air defense absolutely ineffective and meaningless. He noted that the airspace of Russia is not just strewn with white spots of air defense, rather, it itself is a huge white spot interspersed with air defense. It was with this that he linked numerous incidents when drones traveled hundreds of kilometers in Russian airspace, allegedly saturated with layered air defense, and reached important objects where they were tried to shoot down with small arms.

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  1. I heard it here first, about the russian “hypersonic” missile proving vulnerable to a much older American-made “PATRIOT” weapon, but it seemed so incredible that I wasn’t sure if I could believe it, even if it made my country look all the better for how it helped Ukraine. But here’s additional confirmation. Some of the other forum posters are still believing it’s fake propaganda, but now I’m absolutely certain this happened. I guess it’s the russians who pushed the propaganda about how “fast” their new “hypersonic” missiles were. Clearly, the best a russian weapon can do, is wheeze and lag a bit behind an American weapon. It is indeed a slap in the face for russia.

    Also, I’m wondering about something. Ukrainians have a long and proud heritage as a culture of warriors when they weren’t farming or hunting. Did they develop any particular innovations for fighting or warfare? Anything like the Japanese Martial Arts, or the English Longbow? Or maybe a method of unpredictable battle tactics? If so, it would be a big help towards supporting the nation’s patriotism and also furthering russian demoralization.

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