Warehouses with gunpowder near Yekaterinburg on fire

Warehouses with gunpowder have caught on fire in the village of Pervomaiskii, in the Sverdlovsk Oblast of Russia.

Details: A source reported that the warehouses have ignited due to a forest fire.

“The fire threatens 18 nearby warehouses, where gunpowder is also stored,” the source  said.

The village, with approximately 400 residents, is being prepared for evacuation.

Later, the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations confirmed that a fire occurred at a warehouse in the village of Pervomaiskii in the Ural Mountains. Early reports indicate no casualties.

The authorities have begun evacuating residents of the village. People are leaving by bus and personal transport, the head of Rezhevsky City District, Ivan Kartashov, said on his VKontakte page (VKontakte is a Russian social network – ed.).



  1. So much wrong with this explanation. First of all the temperature in Yekaterinburg has been around 15 C. Secondly, wouldn’t you either put out the fire, or remove the gunpowder?

    • Indeed, it’s quite early for fire season to begin. The image from Veth indicates that this fire will not be easy to put out. It seems to be quite a big blaze.

          • A guy on Youtube came up with an interesting theory last night. This depot is one of the largest ammo depots in russia. Was it a huge coincidence it caught fire just after Prigozhin was asking for more missiles.

            • I doubt it was a coincidence. The longer this war lasts with corresponding poor military performance of the orcs, the more partisan activity, spec ops, and sabotage we’ll be seeing in mafia land, IMHO.

              • It is an interesting confluence of events; fire forcing the Moskali to evacuate, partisans forcing Moskali to evacuate and Ukrainian justice forcing the Moskali to evacuate. But the war is in Ukraine…
                Justice is coming.

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