Some Western politicians ask Ukraine not to liberate Crimea – Zelensky spokesman

Evgenia Sokolenko14:06, 05/06/23

The allies are afraid of “enormous consequences” for the Crimeans and Ukraine.

Tamila Tasheva, permanent representative of the president in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, said that some Western politicians warn Ukraine against the de-occupation of Crimea . They are afraid that this could allegedly lead to a “nuclear war.”

“They argue that Crimea can indeed be returned, but the potential consequences will be huge, both for the inhabitants of the peninsula and for Ukraine as a whole. They believe that we should completely abandon attempts to return it. I don’t think that Russia will use tactical nuclear weapons, because Putin understands that for him this is the point of no return and the destruction of the entire system that he criminally built in the occupied territories,” she said in an interview with  PAP .

According to the permanent representative, after the liberation of Kherson, Russia did nothing, although the Kremlin considers this a violation of the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation. According to Moscow’s nuclear doctrine, they were to immediately use tactical nuclear weapons.”

Tasheva did not disclose a date for the peninsula’s liberation, but said it would be “probably in the near future.”

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  1. These politicians are very generous with territory that is occupied by scum. I assume they would have a different view if their territory was taken over by a rabid horde.

  2. We cannot know if there is any definite truth in it, but it has been claimed that a private warning was issued to putler to the effect that the deployment of any nukes; tactical or strategic, would result in the conventional destruction of most of the putinazi armed forces.
    If it’s true, that really is the least that the US can do, because it is the US that deprived Ukraine of its most potent guarantee of its security; its nukes.
    Ukraine also gave up its long range bombers, which would have been so useful right now.

    • So Mordor (Soviet Union) makes a bunch of evil weapons and points them at me. When Mordor splits up, the Ukraine retains a bunch of evil weapons that the dark lord still controls. The Ukraine can’t afford to refashion and maintain those weapons. Knowledgeable Ukrainians say so. Even if they could, it’s unlikely the dark lord would let it happen.

      Just at the dark lord sends its minion to steal back land it once possessed, so surely would the dark lord have sent minions to prevent the Ukraine from reforging the evil weapons into their own.

      The US is not to blame to for what happened in bitter dissolution of the evil pact that was the Soviet Union. We neither created nor destroyed those evil weapons of which you now speak. You returned them to dark lord who controlled them and in return got to see them destroyed, and we paid for that so the evil weapons wouldn’t fall into other evil hands as you suffered in the poverty that that your evil union had brought.

      Choosing to ally with Mordor is on you. We are devoting our resources to help you be free but the fantasy that you ever controlled or could wield the dark lord’s weapons is only a fantasy.

      We never stopped from trying to wield them. We sent no troops. We launched no attacks. We merely said that we will not cooperate with those seeking to use the dark lord’s weapons that were created to destroy us.

      Crimea is Ukraine by law, and the US should assist a democratic Ukraine protect its rightful territory.

      As for why you ever joined the dark lord in the first place, that is for you to come to peace with. I suppose that is Biden’s and America’s fault in Ukraine’s opinion. Of course it is!

  3. Its either kremlin lies or useful idiot scum in the moskali pay.

    Either way they should fuck off.

  4. It is very wise to ignore such calls, for no war is won by being a pussy.

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