Russian “government officials” flee from seized territory of Zaporizhzhia region


Russian officials are fleeing the temporarily occupied territory of the Zaporizhzhia region, including the “Minister of Health ” who arrived from Russia and his deputy who resigned.

Іvan Fedorov, the mayor of the temporarily occupied Melitopol, said this on the air of the United News telethon, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

“We can say that their ‘minister of health’ Borys has disappeared… he allegedly went on vacation, but he has been gone for more than three weeks and is not expected to return. His deputy quit, and no one knows anything about her. She was also from mainland Russia,” said Fedorov.

According to him, local collaborators are also preparing ways to escape. The “head of the water utility” went on a long vacation, after which he returned and began to distribute things to his friends – they say he arranged for his family to move to Moscow. Others are trying to send their children to Europe. But, the mayor of Melitopol emphasized, the Ukrainian authorities and law enforcement agencies are already working to ensure that collaborators and their relatives “do not feel comfortable in democratic countries.”

As Ukrinform reported earlier, on May 2 in the morning, an explosion in Melitopol injured a police officer who had collaborated with the enemy.


  1. What do we learn from all of this?
    The orcs have no confidence in their army.
    The orcs have no confidence in their generals.
    The orcs have no confidence in their government.
    The orcs utterly fear the Ukrainian army!

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