In Russia, the car of the writer-propagandist Zakhar Prilepin was blown up: what is known

Alexander Topchy12:31, 05/06/23

In the city of Nizhny Novgorod, on May 6, the car of Russian propagandist, writer, militant “LDNR” Zakhar Prilepin was blown up.

According to  RBC , citing a source in the Russian Interior Ministry, Prilepin was seriously wounded.

Russian Telegram channels write that the incident took place in the village of Pionerskoye. The explosion killed the driver of the car. The explosive device, writes Mash , could possibly be under the bottom of the Audi Q7.

“There was a crater one and a half meters deep at the site of the explosion. The fragments were scattered within a radius of 30 meters. The IED was located near the back seat of the publicist’s Audi,” the TG channel adds.

According to RBC sources, Prilepin was returning to Moscow from the territories of Ukraine occupied by Russia.

“Today he crossed a checkpoint on the border area. Presumably, the suspects accompanied Prilepin’s car. It is known that on the way he stopped to eat in the Nizhny Novgorod region. Immediately after he continued moving, an explosion occurred,” the message says.

According to Mash, the explosive device was detonated remotely. “They watched Prilepin and waited for him to get his daughter out of the car. After the detonation, the car turned over,” the TG channel writes.

It is also known that Prilepin is in serious condition, probably both of his legs are broken.

“As a result of the assassination attempt, a security guard was killed – a citizen of Ukraine named Alexander, known by the call sign “Evil”,” adds Mash.

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry , Mashka Zakharova, has already managed to respond to the incident . She “vomited” accusations against Ukraine and placed “direct responsibility on the United States and Britain.” “The fact has come true: Washington and NATO have fed another international terrorist cell – the Kiev regime. Bin Laden, ISIS, now Zelensky with thugs,” Zakharova said.

Later it became known that the Atesh partisan movement took responsibility for blowing up Prilepin’s car. They said that they had been hunting for this militant since the beginning of the year.

Later, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev called the bombing of the militant’s car a “cynical crime and a vile attack” committed by “Nazi extremists”: “Vag seeks to intimidate us, he chooses real patriots as his target.”

Zakhar Prilepin – what is known

This writer and Ukrainophobe has been supporting Russia’s war against Ukraine for 9 years. Including taking a direct part in the fighting for the militants of the “LDNR” in the Donbass. Prilepin is included in the list of persons threatening the national security of Ukraine .

The militant repeatedly justified the crimes of the Russian army against the Ukrainians and made Ukrainian-phobic statements. In April 2022, the militant arrived in the Russian-occupied part of the Kherson region .

And in October it became known that the Russian Orthodox Church and the “writer” Zakhar Prilepin received the largest grant of those allocated in the Russian Federation for “aid to Donbass.” We are talking about the amount of almost 115 million rubles.

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  1. “The fact has come true: Washington and NATO have fed another international terrorist cell – the Kiev regime. Bin Laden, ISIS, now Zelensky with thugs,” Zakharova said.

    You know when Maria get her knickers in a twist, Ukraine did something right.

    • If Zak-whore-ova wants to give Ukraine credit for an assassination clear on the other side of Moscow….so be it. Let all of Moskovia know justice is coming…

  2. Recall that Zakhar Prilepin is a Ukrainophobe, writer, and propagandist. He was an adviser to the murdered head of the “DPR”, created his own illegal formation, in which he himself fought.

    At the same time, he himself admitted that in Ukraine he “killed people in large numbers.”

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