Gas prices in Europe collapsed to the level of July 2021

Yuri Kobzar16:57, 05/06/23

The market has returned to the point where Putin began gas blackmailing Europe before attacking Ukraine.

The price of gas in Europe has fallen to its lowest level since July 2021, when Russia purposefully launched an energy crisis on the continent. Writes about it Financial Times .

On Friday, the European TTF benchmark hit a low of 35.2 euros per MWh, a level last seen in July 2021, when Russia first began cutting off energy supplies to Europe on the eve of its invasion of Ukraine.

The current price is almost 10 times lower than the peak values ​​reached last summer. Then Russia sharply reduced gas supplies to the EU, due to which the TTF benchmark traded at 340 euros per megawatt hour.

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  1. If you can, I suggest one of the writers here check out the Daily Wire’s May 5th “Sunday Special” interview of Ben Shapiro with Glen Greenwald. They discuss the reasons behind why Edward Snowden had leaked the NSA documents, and why America’s domestic spying on its own citizens felt “fascistic” to Snowden. But I expect Ukrainians would be more interested in their discussion of how biden could help end the war for Ukraine’s benefit if he really tried. I don’t have any way of providing the episode link from their app, but I think the Ukraine commentary started around 40 minutes into the video.

    Though opposing each other generally in politics, both Ben Shapiro and Glen Greenwald state they agree that Ukraine is completely right to defend itself. They also agree that the Ukrainian people are the ones most at risk in the war. Incompetent as the russians are, primitive though their remaining equipment is, I’m concerned that the sheer numbers will devastate Ukraine. Even a Pyrrhic victory would hurt Ukraine in the long term, since putin doesn’t care how many of his own troops he sends to their deaths. Bakhmut seems like a clear example of that.

    • You must be joking. Greenwald is a leftist kremtroll who supports the Ukraine bioweapons conspiracy theory and staunchly supports filthy Russian agents Assange and Snowden.
      He was a frequent guest on the Fucker Karlsonov show; thus proving yet again the horseshoe of politics, ie the far left and far right function as one when it comes to support for the putler murder gang.

      • By the way, Greenwald was Ben Shapiro’s guest for the interview, not the other way around. He’s a co-owner with Jeremy Boreing.

  2. I heard it in the interview. Politically speaking, I’m also opposed to Greenwald. He definitely didn’t sound supportive of the kremlin. But for leftists in the West, it’s probably more of being swayed by the mob, since nearly everyone, right and left, hates russia for unjustly attacking a peaceful country. Sometimes that gets misunderstood though. I heard about a Eastern European restaurant in New York that got attacked because the public thought they were russian, but the owners are Ukrainian-born naturalized Americans.

    I want to honestly understand a problem even if I don’t support it, and I feel that’s also important to fight it too.

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