Denmark, Germany to send 80 Leopard I tanks to Ukraine this month


Germany and Denmark intend to transfer 80 Leopard I battle tanks to Ukraine as early as this month.

That’s according to Radio Poland citing Acting the Minister of Defense of Denmark, Troels Lund Poulsen, as saying, Ukrinform reports.

“The delivery, the first batch of which will be made now, is very large,” Poulsen said.

It is noted that all transferred tanks will be ready for use by Ukrainian defenders by June 1.

“Leopard I tanks have really good fire and transport features,” said the acting minister of defense of Denmark.

Radio Poland explains that Denmark’s Leopard I tanks were decommissioned in 2005, being replaced by the more modern Leopard II model. Since then, they have been stored in hangars.

“In addition to the tanks, spare parts and ammunition will also be handed over,” the article says.

It should be noted that Ukrainian tank crews are already training on these vehicles abroad so they will be able to man them immediately.


  1. The Kremlin are already whining about German tanks on “russian” territory.

  2. I’d wager that the AFU will await the full amount of donated weapons to arrive before commencing their counterattack. It would be the wisest thing to do.

      • A detailed report on this important battle.
        This is what sticks out like a sore thumb:
        “…the lethality of modern American weapons; the hegemony offered by AirLand Battle doctrine, with its brutal ballet of armor, artillery, and air power…”
        We smash everything possible with air power before even one soldier or tank sets in motion. But, hey, old sleepy insists that Ukrainians don’t need air power.

        • To make it worse, Milley was one of the commanding officers in Desert Storm, so he knows exactly what Ukraine need.

          • The question here is, is this Milley’s idea, that Ukraine doesn’t need air power, or did he tell old sleepy that they do, but old sleepy decided that, no, they don’t?

            • Who knows. Maybe in 10 years time, someone high up in politics will say we made a mistake not sending planes to Ukraine.

              • I am sure of it. Just like Clinton admitting that the BM was a mistake.

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