Russians are carefully checked: Belarus suddenly resumed control on the border with the Russian Federation

Yury Kobzar16:25, 05.05.23

Usually the border of Belarus and Russia is free for travel due to the customs union.

Belarus has resumed border passport control on the border with Russia. This information was confirmed to the journalists of the publication “Zerkalo” in the State Border Committee of Belarus.

The publication, citing readers’ reports, writes that a border checkpoint was set up on the M1 highway leading from Minsk to Moscow on Thursday evening – a couple of trailers for border guards, four barriers, and a barrage tape with spikes.

Since border control is usually not carried out between Russia and Belarus, journalists called the State Border Committee to find out about the reasons for what is happening. They said that now at the border people will be checked for documents – but only at the entrance to Belarus.

“Not at the exit, this is for entry. According to the legislation on the border service bodies, documents will now be checked at the entrance to the Republic of Belarus. This is temporary. Until further notice,” the border guards said. 

The State Border Committee clarified that such control will be at all major entrances from Russia. The reason was the implementation of an agreement with Russia on the mutual recognition of visas.

Eyewitnesses report that queues have appeared at the previously free border for travel. At the same time, Belarusian border guards check the Russians especially carefully.

“Everyone is driven out of the cars, searched, documents are written down,” eyewitnesses say.

The situation in Belarus – latest news 

Ukrainians living in Belarus come with checks from the police and the State Security Committee. The Zerkalo edition published the stories of several of them. The KGB officers are interested in whether they communicate with relatives from Ukraine and how they relate to the war.

At the same time, the Security Council of Belarus recently stated that 1.5 million people are “under arms” in the country . True, the vast majority of this number, obviously, the so-called people’s militia, where almost all the country’s men liable for military service were registered.

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