Rheinmetall Plans to Produce Up to 600-700 Thousand Shells for Ukraine per Year

 5 MAY 2023

The German concern Rheinmetall wants to provide Ukraine with a significant amount of artillery ammunition and announced plans to produce up to 600,000 shells per year.

Rheinmetall is already the largest Western manufacturer of ammunition/ It can currently produce 450,000 artillery shells per year, 350,000 of them at factories in Europe.

“We can expand our production up to 600,000-700,000 pieces of artillery ammunition a year,” said Rheinmetall CEO Armin Papperger in an interview with Handelsblatt.

He point out that it will take some time to expand production of artillery shells. Papperger estimates its value at 200-250 million euros.

On May 3, after weeks of disputes, the EU agreed on a scheme for the joint purchase of ammunition for Ukraine (Ukr) for 1 billion euros.


  1. Rheinmetall is once again showing what a true friend it is to Ukraine. Of course, they are also doing it for profits, but how many other arms manufacturers have been standing so strongly for the country?

    • What we seem to be witnessing is an unorganized and modified article 5 for Ukraine. Even without joining NATO. Would it be much different even if we did join NATO? You would still just get 5 soldiers and 5 dollars from a few members.
      As far as ammo goes, I live between 2 major factories and they are planning on tripling their production by the end of next year.

      • I still think that NATO should ask Ukraine if it can join it, instead of the other way around. Looking at the vast majority of NATO members makes this the more plausible case.

  2. Well perhaps the Germans are finally realizing that all the “cheap” russian gas comes with a contract filled with an invasively LARGE amount of “strings attached,” and that being putin’s puppet doesn’t make for good business deals. Who saw that coming?

    Now, of course I’m not completely happy with him, because I feel he didn’t “drain the swamp” enough, and if I feel there’s a better choice for president next time around, I’ll vote differently than before. But nobody was invading another country during his presidency, right?


    • Indeed, there are some things that Trump got right! This was one of them, and I still fully agree with him. The others were the security of our borders and the issues about NATO.

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