Preparing for a counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: they began to drag the icon of Putin through the trenches of the Russians

Yuri Kobzar19:53, 05.05.23

The Russians are going to beat off the tank wedges of the Leopards with holy spirit and faith in Putin.

On the eve of the counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Russian invaders began to carry along the front the icon of the Savior Not Made by Hands, which Vladimir Putin recently presented to the Dnepr group of troops. Archpriest Vyacheslav, representative of the Synodal Department of the Russian Orthodox Church for Cooperation with the Army, told TASS about this .

“We will deliver it to all units, both at the front line and to the rear units, a large, small part – it doesn’t matter. Naturally, to see this image received from the president’s hands in our dugout is an honor and joy,” said the archpriest.

It is noted that it will take at least a month for the icon to visit all units of the Dnepr occupation group. Putin presented a similar icon to the headquarters of the Russian National Guard “Vostok”. As expected, at some point the two icons should “intersect” at one of the points on the front.

Putin and pseudo-religious occultism

Political observers regularly accuse Putin of falling into mysticism and pseudo-religious ritualism. For example, during an April trip to the occupied part of Ukraine, Putin, or a person indistinguishably similar to him, presented the Russian military with an icon . However, he managed to get lost in time.

Also earlier, journalists learned that shamanist Sergei Shoigu taught Putin to baths with tincture of deer antlers , the scientific benefits of which have not been proven by anyone, as well as other occult rituals.

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  1. Every Russian soldier in Ukraine got the lastest super weapon in his hand: An icon of Putin!

  2. “Naturally, to see this image received from the president’s hands in our dugout is an honor and joy,”

    Mafia land reminds me a lot of the old Bozo the Clown shows on TV.

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