Hungarian Foreign Minister accuses US of propagating war

Artem Budrin19:56, 05.05.23

Szijjártó reacted sharply to the US ambassador’s statements about Budapest’s connivance with Moscow.

The head of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry , Péter Szijjarto , said that the United States of America is engaged in war propaganda, while Budapest is promoting the ideology of peace.

The Telex edition conveys the words of a Hungarian high-ranking diplomat who criticized the American ambassador to Hungary, David Pressman. He criticized Budapest the day before in an interview with AFP.

In a conversation with a journalist, Pressman stressed that the Hungarian authorities are hushing up the true causes of the war in Ukraine, while promoting the fight against “cultural wars” and “leftism.”

“In Hungary, unfortunately, they prefer to talk about a fake culture war, while in the neighborhood there is a real war, where thousands of people die in Vladimir Putin’s war of aggression. And it’s not about leftism. It’s about Russia,” the diplomat said.

In addition, Pressman criticized Szijjarto himself, who, according to the American, visited Moscow five times during the 14.5 months of a full-scale Russian invasion. The ambassador also accused the Hungarian of spreading Kremlin misinformation.

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Szijjarto has already responded to these words of Pressman. The head of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry accused the ambassador of “war propaganda” and stressed that Hungary “wants not war, but peace.”

“We understand that the Americans are trying to push us towards war propaganda, we understand that they are trying to push us towards the war camp, but we belong to the peace camp,” Szijjártó said.

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  1. Hungary is a small, insignificant country that should not be in the EU nor in NATO. It’s a good thing that the EU has cut off the money spigot for this little trash country.

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