European partners will provide Odessa region with 1.5 billion euros: what will the money go for

Larisa Kozova18:35, 05.05.23

The recovery program does not work in other southern regions due to security issues.

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the European Investment Bank in 2023 will allocate 1.5 billion euros for the restoration of the social infrastructure of the Odessa region.

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“That is, we support social infrastructure, improve the quality of public services,” Khomenko said.

She added that the Odessa region is considered as one of the supporting regions of Ukraine, in which there are a large number of internally displaced persons, for whom, in particular, housing will be built.  

“We expect that this will be a major overhaul, the reconstruction of the infectious diseases hospital (Odessa – UNIAN), it will be the repair of the Odessa Clinical Hospital No. 1, where operating rooms need to be renovated. These are several schools in the city … These are hospitals, schools and kindergartens in the districts region, in particular, we have three projects on the territory of the Baltic community,” said the representative of the UN Program for the Reconstruction of Ukraine.

Khomenko noted that due to security issues for contractors and European inspectors, such a program does not yet work in the front-line southern regions – in the Kherson region, Mykolaiv region and Zaporozhye. It also does not apply to the western regions of Ukraine.

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