Drone Attack: Russian Army Loses Two Rare Planes Near Bryansk

Their value is almost half a billion dollars.


On May 4, an AFU unit formed from Russian volunteers reported the consequences of shells of unknown origin hitting the Seshcha airfield in the north of Bryansk Region.

The Russian volunteers claim that one of the drones reached the airfield. Two An-124-100 aircraft were damaged following the explosion:

one burned out completely;

the other suffered a fuselage breach.

Satellite images are expected to confirm the successful strike.

According to stopcor.org, the An-124-100 is a transport aircraft developed during the Soviet era: it is capable of carrying large-size cargo, such as locomotives. Production was set up in Ukraine at the Antonov plant. However, the Russians later allegedly set up production at their own plant in Ulyanovsk, Avistar-SP.

The An-124 was actively used by the Russian army.

It is assumed that Russia has 12-14 An-124s. Each one is worth $70 million to $300 million. If the data is confirmed, the Russians will be poorer by almost half a billion dollars.

The Seshcha airfield is an airfield 60km from Bryansk. Archive satellite images show that about 12 aircraft of various types were based there at the time.


  1. The Ukrainians have trained 10,000 drone pilots for the upcoming offensive. Maybe some are still getting some first-hand experience and honing their skills.

  2. Mafia land are running around in circles, they don’t know where to place their air defences. All these strikes are causing mafia land to move resources further and further away from Ukraine.

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