People with icons pray on the streets: in the Russian Federation, a whole village was engulfed in a huge fire (video)

Yuri Kobzar20:53, 05/04/23

Russia is again suffering from large-scale fires in natural locations, which there are no forces and means to extinguish

In the Tyumen region, a large-scale fire engulfed the entire village of Uspenka and its surroundings. The population and livestock are being evacuated from the disaster zone, Mash reports .

Dozens of houses were engulfed in fire. Rescuers had to evacuate residents of the private sector and pupils of the local boarding school for disabled children – about 450 people in general.

Livestock was also evacuated from the danger zone. More than 70 firefighters are trying to fight the fire, fifty pieces of special equipment are involved, including two fire helicopters.

Traffic on the access road is limited. It is reported that the fiery wall is moving downwind towards the neighboring villages of Ushakovo and Perevalovo.

Telegram channels also publish a video of a woman on her knees with an icon in her hands praying for an end to the disaster. in Uspenka

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    • “…a woman on her knees with an icon in her hands praying for an end to the disaster.”

      Then she should pray for an end to the root cause of the disaster. That would be the limping imp that spends their infrastructure money on weapons to fight invisible enemies.

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