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May 3

This innocent soul, Uliana Troichuk, 8, was one of 23 Ukrainians killed in a Russian missile strike on an apartment building in Uman on April 26th.

Russia is a terrorist state. Never forget what they have done.

Gene Panasenko commented:

All #ruzzians must bear collective responsibility for their

warcrimes against #UkrainianPeople

Bill Ronald:

What a vile nation Russia has become.
Слава Україні

Cristina G : 🙏never forgive , never forget 💔 ukraine needs fighter Jets and weapons to stop This genocide against innocents 🙏🇺🇦


This is the official website of Ukraine:


  1. Each and every soul that the ghoul kills in Ukraine is innocent. Ukraine just tried to live as a normal country, trying to work out its problems like everyone else on this globe when evilness befell it because this evilness is a shithole, and it knows it, and so everyone else around it must be forced to become a shithole. This evil shithole must be destroyed once and for all!

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