Air defence forces shoot down UAV over Kyiv

4 MAY 2023

Air defence forces have shot down an unmanned aerial vehicle in the sky over Kyiv.

Source: Air Force of Ukraine in a comment to Ukrainska Pravda; Serhii Popko, Head of Kyiv City Military Administration, on Telegram

Details: The Air Force has told Ukrainska Pravda that the air defence forces were targeting a UAV, which was eventually destroyed by mobile fire teams.

Quote from Popko: “During the last air-raid warning, an unmanned aerial vehicle was spotted over Kyiv. The target was shot down by air defence personnel and assets. There is no information on casualties or damage to housing or infrastructure. Information is being clarified.”

More details: The Kyiv City Military Administration has reported that fallen fragments of the shot-down UAV caused a fire in a non-residential building in the Solomianskyi district of Kyiv. 

The specialists of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine are working at the scene. Consequences are being clarified. 

Background: On the evening of 4 May, an air-raid warning was issued in Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast. At 20:13, residents of Kyiv started hearing numerous explosions and shots in the air. The Kyiv City Military Administration reported that the air defence forces were activated. In addition, the sound of an aircraft motor was heard in the city. 


  1. Hey man nice shot! By my memory there have been several days the rabid Moskali sent their missiles and drones to Kyiv and haven’t landed anything in several weeks.

    • Turns out AFU shot down a bayraktar on this one. Source : Denys Davydov I’m watching it now haven’t heard why it was targeted.

    • Tech malfunction and control was lost. So they tried to bring it down in a low to no pop area.

  2. High priority target : butcher of Mariupol is reported by Denys Davydov to be in Bakhmut with the wags.

    • Good! Maybe this dirty ghoul will go the way of the meat puppet in Bakhmut.

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