UAV fell on the roof: there were videos of “arrivals” in the Kremlin

Yana Stavskaya15:36, 03.05.23

The Russians claim that their air defenses allegedly worked that night.

A video of a fire on the territory of the Kremlin appeared on the network , allegedly on the night of May 3, 2023. 

The footage shows how one flying object flew towards the Kremlin roof, but was shot down. 

The explosion was caught on video surveillance cameras of neighboring buildings. 

The Russians claim that Russian air defense was allegedly working that night. 

Russia accuses Ukraine of assassination attempt on Putin

The Kremlin claims that it was allegedly Ukraine that launched the UAV towards the administration of the President of the Russian Federation and wanted to kill him. There is currently no evidence for this. 

Russian air defense forces allegedly shot down two drones. Putin has already been threatened with a “response” to an attempted strike “where and when he sees fit.” The Russian Federation “regards” the strike attempt allegedly as a terrorist act on the eve of Victory Day in Moscow on May 9. of arrival in the Kremlin

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  1. Considering the tiny mushroom’s comments today demanding the assassination of Zelensky, it seems this was just a provocation setting up Medvedev’s demand.

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