The war is moving to Russian territory

‘Totally Nondescript People With Russian Passports Will Commit Sabotage Again’


A train derailed In the Russian Bryansk region on May 1. This happened due to the undermining of the railway by partisans. As it turned out, the locomotive of the train belonged to the Belarusian Railway.

Did the Russians expect, when the war started, that the fighting would come to their territory?

The website asked Boryslav Bereza, a political figure and former Ukrainian MP, about this.

– I am sure that Putin really had a plan to capture Kyiv in 3-5 days in his imagination. Russia believed that it could carry out a victorious march to Lviv. The idea of imperial greatness fills the heads of the Russians. But all this came up against a reality called the Ukrainian people and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It was this reality that prevented the fall of Kyiv in three days, but also forced back the enemy far beyond the borders of the Kyiv region.

Today, we clearly see that the war has not only crossed into the territory of Russia but there are also attacks against all the potential target locations. It could be a nuclear airfield in Engels, it could be a train in Bryansk, it could be an electrical substation or a fuel depot for the military near Belgorod. Today we clearly understand that the war has not just entered the territory of Russia, it will soon go far, far deep into the Russian Federation. There are Ukrainian drones in Russia. It shows that strikes deep in the rear are only a matter of time. Well, who sows the wind reaps the storm. The Russians brought the war into their home by invading Ukraine. This all is predictable.

– The Belarusian train. Did it happen accidentally or was it a message for Lukashenka?

– This train was carrying oil products for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, so any supplier of the occupying troops is a potential legitimate target.

– Why are the Kremlin and Lukashenka’s regimes unable to counter partisan attacks?

– Well, they really can’t do anything. Ukraine has a much more serious and better experience of partisan warfare and the experience of operating within the occupied territories. Also, the practice of sabotage is one of the best and most successful tools to counter the enemy today.

No one has come up with any ways to counter partisan warfare. As it was successful in World War II and it is now. Totally nondescript people, some even with Russian passports, will commit sabotage in their deep rear and this will be running.

Russia has nothing to counter this. Well, will they catch some regular actors, and call them the SSU [Security Service of Ukraine – Ed.] agents, the Right Sector or Azov? Silly, naive and unpromising. Therefore, we will see that the chaos and an uncontrolled event flow will cause a mess in the ranks of the Russian occupiers.

Moreover, after some time, the Russians themselves will begin to put it across each other covering it with Ukrainian subversive squads. Some general who wants to rise to a certain position will blow up his boss and say that this is a Ukrainian subversive squad. This will be logical in the picture of the corrupt and criminal power that exists in Russia today.

– So, is it really possible in Belarus?

– We can judge that over some time. However, I think that this should be done by Belarusian citizens who want to get rid of the Lukashenka regime today.


  1. “No one has come up with any ways to counter partisan warfare. As it was successful in World War II and it is now. Totally nondescript people, some even with Russian passports, will commit sabotage in their deep rear…”

    Indeed, the partisans of WWII gave the Germans hell, time and time again. I thought it would come to that after Ukraine’s conceivable military defeat last year. However, we have a totally different scenario now. We see a much stronger AFU, still in the fight successfully, and Ukrainian partisan warfare. Moreover, there is even Russian and Belarusian partisan activity, too!

    The Kremlin said it had foiled a Ukrainian drone strike on Vladimir Putin’s residence, and he was unharmed. The claim could not be verified.

    The Kremlin claimed on Wednesday that Ukraine had launched a drone strike at President Vladimir V. Putin’s residence overnight. The two drones were disabled by state security services and Mr. Putin was uninjured, the Kremlin said.

    It was not immediately possible to verify the Russian claim, and a Ukrainian official said Kyiv had “no information about the so-called night attacks on the Kremlin.”

    In a statement, the Kremlin said it “regards these actions as a planned terrorist attack and an attempt on the president,” and reserved the right to retaliate. It said that “timely actions taken by the military and special services” had disabled the drones, causing some debris to scatter on the Kremlin grounds.

    Mr. Putin was not in the Kremlin at the time of the incident, according to his spokesman, Dmitri S. Peskov. There were no casualties, the Kremlin said.

    If confirmed, it would be the most audacious attempted strike on Russian soil since Moscow launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February last year.

    Local and regional authorities in Russia have reported a series of drone strikes in recent months. Some have landed close to Ukraine’s border with Russia, but at least one has hit south of Moscow. Ukraine has not acknowledged responsibility for most of the incidents. Moscow is around 280 miles northeast of the Ukrainian border at its closest point.

    Last month, The Washington Post reported that the United States had secretly monitored discussions among Ukrainian officials about possible attacks against Moscow timed to coincide with the Feb. 24 anniversary of Russia’s invasion. The White House feared that such a move would provoke an aggressive response from Moscow, and two days before the anniversary, the C.I.A. said that Ukraine’s intelligence directorate “had agreed, at Washington’s request, to postpone strikes” on Moscow. The information was part of a trove of classified U.S. intelligence documents obtained by The Post and other news organizations.

    • An adviser to President Volodymyr Zelensky denied Moscow’s claim that Ukraine had targeted the Kremlin with drones. “Ukraine definitely has nothing to do with the drone attacks on the Kremlin,” Mykhailo Podolyak said in a statement to The New York Times.

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