The network showed a blow to the Kremlin from a different angle (video)

Katerina Schwartz17:11, 05/03/23

The propagandists said that the Kremlin was attacked by two UAVs.

Russian Telegram channels have published another video of a drone attack on the Kremlin, filmed from a different angle.

The Russian propaganda TV channel TV Center claims that two UAVs attacked the Kremlin, 16 minutes elapsed between attacks

Allegedly, the first drone was seen over the Kremlin at 02:27 am Moscow time. It exploded over the Senate Palace, after which a fire broke out on its roof. And the impact of the second drone was recorded already at 02:43 in the night. Its fragments fell on the territory of the Kremlin. on the Kremlin from a different angle

Earlier it was reported that the Russian Federation accused Ukraine of attempting to assassinate Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin .

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