“Hit their bunkers”: Russian deputies erupted in threats after the attack on the Kremlin

Oleg Davygora18:35, 05/03/23

The speaker of the State Duma said that “the Kiev Nazi regime must be recognized as a terrorist organization.”

Deputies of the Russian State Duma called for increased strikes on Ukraine in response to a nighttime drone attack that hit the Kremlin .

The drone raid on the Russian president’s residence, which authorities have called an “assassin” and a “terrorist attack,” “marks a new stage” in the war, Oleg Morozov, chairman of the Duma’s control committee, said.

He stated that “we need a strike that convinces the enemy that Russia has the ability to punish such actions to death.”

Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said that the deputies “will demand the use of weapons that can stop and destroy the Kiev terrorist regime.”

A “terror attack” against Putin is an attack on Russia, Volodin said, adding that “there can be no negotiations” with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“This is a real casus belli – a pretext for war. To a real war and the liquidation of the terrorist elite of Ukraine. We have something to hit their bunkers,” deputy Mironov said.

Deputy Zhuravlev wrote that “it is necessary to strike accurately at the center of Kyiv. Destroy the President’s Office, destroy the Verkhovna Rada, the General Staff, and the buildings in which the Ukrainian special services are located.”

“Terrorists have settled in Kiev, and, as you know, negotiations with them are pointless. They only need to be destroyed, and quickly and mercilessly. It’s time to launch a missile attack on Zelensky’s residence in Kiev,” Sheremet said.

Drone attack on the Kremlin – details

Russia has accused Ukraine of attacking the Kremlin and  assassinating Putin after videos of a drone attack on the Kremlin surfaced.

Commenting on the drone attack on the Kremlin, the press secretary of the President of Ukraine Serhiy Nikiforov  said that the task of the Ukrainian state in the war is to liberate the occupied territories, and not strike at Moscow. And Mikhail Podolyak believes that the night attack on the Kremlin was probably staged by “local resistance forces”, which armed themselves in the nearest “voentorg”. 

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  1. As usual this is another orc false flag that has been debunked in next to no time. The video shows two orcs on the roof of the Kremlin just as the drone explodes. Interestingly, no incoming missile is detected that destroyed the drone. Was the drone remotely operated from inside the Kremlin, to detonate exactly where it did.


  2. Unbearable bastards!
    They have been hitting kyiv for over a year and there is no casus belli in this situation?
    We must stop humiliating Ukraine, which must defend itself with a blunt knife and respect Moscovite’s territoriality. that’s enough!
    Long range missile for all military targets, the right answer!

    • Casus belli from a purely Moscovite point of view: just laughable!

      A bit of sarcasm: either Ukraine belongs to the “new USSR” and these are facts of civil war; or Ukraine belongs only to itself since 1991 (the truth that they don’t support) and the casus belli concerns only the bombings Moscow terrorists for more one year.

      casus belli? No items at all in the little red book in this matter. Just bullshit

  3. I would love to see masses of B-52s dropping full loads over Moscow, over and over again, and flatten it completely. Then, dirt should be pushed over it, so it’ll be gone forever.

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