Drone over the Moscow Kremlin: Ukrposhta announced the release of a new stamp

The release of a postage stamp with a drone over the Moscow Kremlin was announced by Igor Smelyansky, General Director of Ukrposhti.

He published a working sketch of the new stamp, which depicts a Ukrainian soldier watching a drone fly into the Kremlin building.

“Tomorrow morning we will announce the launch of a new brand. What, when and where – wait. But, I’m sure someone “behind the curb” will really like it. In the meantime, as they say, “working sketches,” Smelyansky noted.



  1. Its funny to see Ukrainians making fun of Kremlin propaganda and using it in their favor.
    WHEN Ukraine strikes the Kremlin, they will know it. It won’t be some $80 drone from WalMart…

  2. I had problems trying to view this article from the email notification, but was able to see it by tapping the email link from the previous article and selecting “next article.”

    Anyway, this is just speculation that I’m relaying back, but my favorite conservative commentators are doubtful about Ukrainian forces pulling this off. Deep inside russian territory, and defying the odds of security at their capital buildings. It was suggested that perhaps this was a “false flag” effort to claim Ukraine is escalating the war into a new level of danger, and that putin hopes this would prompt president to withdraw American aid. But if anything, this seems to me more embarrassing for russia in either scenario. Putin can’t claim this was a serious threat, because it was too easily defeated as an “attack,” with no significant damage, and no injuries or deaths. If it was actually a false flag instead, that’s even worse for putin if the evidence comes out about it, showing how desperate he is to get America out. Or perhaps to turn the American public against further aid to what feels like “someone else’s problem.” So if Ukraine can prove this is a false flag, it will make putin look even more weak and foolish to the Russian public. Perhaps even leading to a full coup removing him.

    If Ukraine actually did or didn’t do this, it’s good to capitalize on that, by showing how weak putin is, but if putin did this, that’s even better for everybody right? Except putin of course. The whole invasion backfired on him, so why not this? 😉

    • I agree, Mac, in either case, this attack or false flag effort shows the world how weak the evil little runt really is.

  3. Cool. I will be in Kyiv in four weeks. I know where I will be heading to when I’m there; to the main post office!

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