Undermining a train with oil products in the Bryansk region: the Russian Federation lost a diesel locomotive and 12 tons of diesel fuel

Violetta Orlova07:58, 02.05.23

In Russia, it was established that the sabotage was arranged by a “man in black.”

The Russians allegedly resumed the movement of trains on the Unecha-Rassukha stretch in the Bryansk region, where a train with 60 wagons loaded with oil products and lumber left the day before .

The Russian Federation involved 300 railway workers and three recovery trains. In total, about 100 meters of railway track were allegedly laid.

Separately, the governors of the Gomel and Bryansk regions discussed the “incident”. It is noted that the Belarusian locomotive brigade was not injured. 

As the Telegram channel SHOT writes, as a result of the explosion, a two-section diesel locomotive (burned down), five wagons with crushed stone and lumber derailed. 12 tons of diesel fuel leaked out.

A train descended in the Bryansk region – what is known

On May 1, in one of the districts of the Bryansk region of the Russian Federation, a bomb went off on the railway, and  a freight train locomotive derailed . The official claimed that no one was injured in the explosion. As a result of the train explosion, the railway communication between Russian settlements and the Belarusian city of Gomel was disrupted.

In Russia, it was established that the “man in black” arranged the sabotage . He is about 40 years old, height – about 170 centimeters. He had a black backpack that moved by bicycle.

According to military expert Roman Svitan, explosions in Russia are a standard set of actions for sabotage and reconnaissance groups or partisan detachments that have stepped up their activities before the upcoming “offensive” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and perform certain tasks. 

Svitan specified that if in the territories of the Russian Federation, most likely, partisans are “working out”, then in the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimea, the sounds of explosions are the work of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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