Ukraine’s Defence Minister believes Russia will receive signal to give up revenge and collapse

1 MAY 2023

Oleksii Reznikov, Minister of Defence of Ukraine, believes that the sentence of the military tribunal against Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and other members of the current Russian leadership will send a signal to Russia to refrain from a new invasion and revenge attempt. Reznikov predicts the collapse of the Russian Federation.

Source: Reznikov in an interview on air during the national joint 24/7 newscast on 1 May

Details: The Ukraine’s Defence Minister is convinced that “the era of Ukraine-centrism” started on 24 February 2022, and now “the evolution in the minds of world leaders” is ongoing: they believe that the victory of Ukraine is possible, and the majority of them only consider the return to the 1991 border a victory.

“Even if they think about some levels of escalation, some red lines, this narrative is getting weaker. What they say now is: ‘Negotiations? Okay, we will support Ukraine. (Negotiations will start) when Ukraine is ready and on suitable conditions’. The approach is different now. Everybody understands that sooner or later the war will be over, and the need to negotiate will arise,” Reznikov added.

At the latest Ramstein meeting the so-called Nuremberg-2, a military tribunal for the Russian leadership, was discussed.

Quote: “When they (partners) ask me how I envision the victory, I always tell them: firstly, our territories must be liberated to the 1991 borders, no doubt here. As a lawyer, I firmly believe that the foundations of safety and guarantees, and that Russia will not attack Ukraine in the future in order to take revenge, lie not only in ascending to NATO or making bilateral agreements with our partners.

A powerful army is a must (to avoid another war – ed.). But there must be a sentence of the international tribunal for this gang of war criminals from the Kremlin. Putin and his associates must be imprisoned. Even if he has already been convicted in absentia…

There must be a sentence. It will be the main signal for their descendants to forget about revenge. If you want to be normal people, live in a civilised world, go on vacations, get educated and do business, you have to radically change  from the point of view of the regime.

My colleagues hear about this, and defence ministers of different countries support this idea, and some of my counterparts even suggest projects for a legal platform for prosecuting these crimes…(…).

So I said that judging from the mood, ‘Ramstein-11’ will lead to ‘Nuremberg-2’.

Details: To a question, whether Russia needs to be “denazified and dissected into parts”, Reznikov replied that it should not be forced, as the Russian Federation is a “forced formation” and “they will collapse into independent national subjects themselves”.

Quote: “Of course, it concerns our Western partners. They worry a little bit. It is easier when one person is in charge of it all;  they think that this way, it is easier to make agreements. I repeat: evolution has started, and it is ongoing. And this will happen, and these countries will be considered separate subjects. What is called ‘the subjects of the Federation’ now will become real subjects.

So the parade of sovereignties on the territory of the Russian Federation awaits us. We will surely see this.”

Details: Reznikov stated that the only thing the partners are concerned with is how to avoid Russian nuclear weapons getting split between these subjects.

The minister added that the Budapest Memorandum has not worked for Ukraine, as one of the guarantors attacked it. So it needs new foundations of safety, which Ukraine can trust, and which will work “if, God forbid, something else happens”.

Note: The Nuremberg trials were an international trial held by the Allies against the Third Reich for the preparation and implementation of invasions of other countries by Germany and for other war crimes during the Second World War. Within the period from 20 November 1945 to 1 October 1946, the International Military Tribunal prosecuted 21 of the most important figures of the Nazi Germany leadership, who were still alive, and six German organisations.

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  1. The rodent is dissecting mafia land to suit his own purposes, and his minions gladly do the cutting and dicing. Mafia land is on its last legs. It will not survive as a unified entity. Portions will break away, and maybe even the entire cesspool will do a Soviet Union number … dry up and blow away into the wind.

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