To support the counteroffensive: Denmark will send $250 million in military aid to Ukraine  

Denmark will allocate a package of military aid worth 1.7 billion Danish kroner (over 250 million US dollars) to Ukraine.

This was announced by the head of the Danish Ministry of Defense, Troels Lund Poulsen, after a meeting of the committee on foreign policy, “European Truth” writes .

“This (new aid package. — Ed.) means that we are helping Ukrainian air defense. There is a demand for it,” said Poulsen.

Denmark will give Ukraine demining machines, ammunition, field bridges and funds for air defense.

The donation is the largest aid package from Denmark to date and is intended to support the Ukrainian offensive.

“This will help support the capabilities that the Ukrainian side lacks for a successful offensive now that the Ukrainians are planning to retake the territories occupied by the Russians,” Poulsen explained.

“This is a donation that we hope will help provide Ukraine with an even better foundation for becoming a housewife in one’s own home,” he added.

Denmark’s total support to Ukraine has already reached 11 billion Danish kroner.



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