Reznikov: Production of spare parts for some Western equipment types launched in Ukraine

02.05.2023 00:35

Maintenance and repair of Western equipment is an important task. The production of some spare parts has already been launched in Ukraine.

“Today we have three maintenance and repair lines. [First,] small simple repairs, right on the battlefield, where our crews and their unit technicians are trained and know how to do it. Our task is to provide them with spare parts. We even produce some spare parts in the Ukrainian market for Western equipment, which our enterprises, not only state-owned but also private, have learned how to produce fantastically. The second line of repair is more complicated, but which can be done at Ukrainian enterprises not far from the front line in the cities having industrial capacities. Our engineers and technicians also learned how to do repairs of medium complexity. And here, too, spare parts, drawings, and engineering documents are needed. We are constantly negotiating to get permits, licenses, etc. And the third is complex repairs: equipment, especially electronics, that we have to send abroad,” Defense Minister of Ukraine Oleksii Reznikov said during the national news telethon, Ukrinform reports.

He noted that several hubs have been built for this purpose in partner countries. For example, a memorandum was signed on the repair of Leopard tanks in Poland, where the German military-industrial complex will deploy its capabilities.

At the same time, the minister plans to create opportunities for all stages of repair in Ukraine.

“My goal is to redeploy the possibility of repair, restoration, production of spare parts from Western manufacturers to Ukraine as much as possible,” Reznikov explained.

As reported, on April 3, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and President of Romania Klaus Iohannis stated during a joint briefing in Bucharest that Germany and Romania will closely cooperate in supporting Ukraine, in particular, regarding the repair and maintenance of military equipment transferred to Ukraine. In particular, German arms manufacturer Rheinmetall will set up in Romania’s Satu Mare a service center for Western military equipment used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


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