Near Bryansk, partisans derailed the second train in two days (video)

Yuri Kobzar21:34, 02.05.23

It is known that the train derailed not by itself, but because of the undermining of the track.

In the Bryansk region of Russia, a freight train derailed again . It is reported about the undermining of the railway track by unknown people.

The incident occurred at 19:47 near the Snezhetskaya station, which is slightly east of Bryansk itself. According to Russian Railways , 20 freight cars and a locomotive derailed. No harm done. The reason is called “illegal interference in the work of railway transport.”

The governor of the Bryansk region, Alexander Bogomaz , specified that “an unidentified explosive device went off in the area of ​​the Snezhetskaya station.” 

Telegram channels write that there were several explosions.

“There was a spill from the overturned wagons, presumably, sulfur and nitrate. Now the employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations are cooling the fallen wagons and spilled substances. Also among the fallen wagons there are empty ones and with scrap metal,” the Baza telegram channel writes. of the train near Bryansk

Rail war in the Bryansk region

On May 1, a train with oil products and lumber derailed in the Bryansk region. Shortly before the train left, the railway was blown up. The governor of the region confirmed that the train derailment occurred as a result of undermining the railway track.

According to the Telegram channel SHOT , as a result of the explosion, a two-section locomotive derailed (burned out), five wagons with crushed stone and lumber. 12 tons of diesel fuel leaked out.

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