In Tatarstan, children were criticized for costumes in the colors of the flag of Ukraine (photo)

Ludmila Zhernovskaya03:52, 02.05.23

The administration has already promised never to use them again.

In Tatarstan, a children’s dance group was criticized for costumes in the colors of the flag of Ukraine.

Children performed at the event by May 1 against the background of a banner in support of the Russian army. After that, social media users called the use of such costumes “inappropriate”. In the House of Culture of the city of Agryz, they told journalists that they have been using these costumes for about 10 years.

“We didn’t have a Ukrainian theme. It was a Tatar song – congratulations on the holiday. It’s all by chance, our district is a little bit poor, what we have is what we put on, without a political color. It just happened,” they  said .

The administration not only promised never to dress children in these costumes again, but also removed photos from the event.

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  1. How hypocritical. It’s inappropriate to wear the colours of Ukraine, but not hypocritical to have that monstrosity advertising a genocidal country.

  2. Mafia land is even afraid of the colors of Ukraine. No wonder, seeing they stand for freedom, courage and honor. Things that are of no use for filthy cockroaches.

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