Elon Musk unbanned Dmitry Medvedev on Twitter

Yuri Kobzar19:24, 02.05.23

Earlier, the ex-president of the Russian Federation distinguished himself with hateful comments about Poland.

The administration of the social network Twitter has removed the blocking from two tweets of ex-president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev , in which he spoke aggressively against Poland and Polish citizens.

At the end of April, the Polish authorities returned to their disposal the building in Warsaw, which was used by the Russian embassy. Then Medvedev published an angry post in his English-language account, where he said that Poland “should not exist”, and the Poles fighting in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “should be ruthlessly exterminated like stinking rats.”

Twitter has blocked this post. Then Medvedev repeated it in his Russian-language account, but he got banned there too. However, today both entries are available for viewing, but each is preceded by a warning: 

“This tweet violates Twitter policies. However, Twitter has decided not to block access to it as it may be of public interest.”


Scandal with the school of the Russian Embassy in Warsaw

Last week, the Polish authorities began the procedure for the forcible seizure of the building from the Russian embassy in Warsaw, where the school for the children of Russian diplomats was located. The Russians were given until the evening of April 29 to vacate the premises. 

Of course, this event caused a stormy and prolonged hysteria in the Russian Foreign Ministry and the entire propaganda machine. Medvedev did not ignore this event either.

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  1. I think it’s time for the West to start banning Twitter. Let’s see how long Twitter would remain in operation with just russian subscribers.

  2. It seems to me that Twitter are allowing this to show what scum nazis these filth actually are.

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