An electronic bracelet was put on Trukhanov

Law enforcement officers put an electronic bracelet on the leg of the mayor of Odesa, Gennady Trukhanov. A gadget with a geolocation beacon is designed so that the defendant cannot escape from justice during the trial.

A source in the law enforcement agencies informed “Dumska” about this.

We will remind you that recently the court  changed the preventive measure for Trukhanov, and then for several of his accomplices . If earlier they were restrained from evading participation in meetings in the case of the purchase of the building of the “Krayan” plant only by personal obligations given to the court, now the preventive measure has been changed to large deposits and wearing electronic bracelets.

The mayor does not want to pay a deposit of 30 million hryvnias and filed an appeal against this decision of the High Anti-Corruption Court.


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  1. This is 10 years too late. This russian puppet should have been behind bars, years ago.

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