‘Ukraine must not appease the aggressor’ | The advisor to Ukraine’s defence minister

Yuriy Sak speaks to The Times. And it’s a must-see.

April 30

“We all have to understand that the only way to end this war is to equip the Ukrainian army sufficiently enough so that we can defeat the enemy on the battlefield. ” Advisor to the Ukraine’s defence minister Yuriy Sak says “we must not appease the aggressor” on #TimesRadio.


  1. With a PhD from Wolverhampton and a diploma from Oxford, he speaks English like a native. He’s brilliant and he’s a winner.
    He puts all the equivocation and bullshit about Crimea finally to bed: they ARE going to take it back, and they will liberate all putinazi-occupied land.

  2. Mr Sak rightly drew some very positive comments from Times subscribers:

    Rita Nagel: Absolutely love this guy and his precise and pertinent way of speech from a point of extreme intellect and experience. Think on his feet and zero beating around the bush. Salute to you Sir SLAVA UKRAINE

    William Price King: It’s not about appeasing Russia, it’s about winning. Period.

    Heidi Bilas : Superb interview! Thank you, Yuriy Sak is simply excellent. Great clarity, insight, many important points. Slava Ukrayini!

    Christianne Vanherck : With the latest round of peace proposals being pressed by multiple analysts, it’s worth remembering that all these supposed solutions for “lasting peace” are actually formulas for three things:
    • Dividing Ukraine
    • Preventing Ukraine from entering NATO
    • Giving Russia a chance to rebuild their military.

    Atomic Rooster : Excellent piece and very well stated by Sak. For the love of God, lets give these people what they need already.

    Jeanne Knight : Thank you TimesRadio for introducing us to Yuriy Sak.

    Delia Famatigan : An intelligent Ukraine soldier official. Brilliant and pragmatic. Glory to Ukraine. From United States of America.

    Mediumdave1983 : The UK has not done much to shout about recently, but helping Ukraine is one rare bright spot in our recent history – This guest is absolutely spot on, we SHOULD also be taking the lead with helping Ukraine get modern fighter jets to defend their land, and protect their people! I hope our government takes note and does the right thing!

    DrD : Ukraine asks for 40 F16’s. Send 400 F16’s. In it to win it. Muscovy must be comprehensively defeated.

    Ryan Wallace : This guy is pretty awesome. Took every hard question they asked extremely well and responded powerfully.

    chozumi : Yuriy Sak is top notch! We are all lucky he holds the important position he does. The aggressor doesn’t get to set the red lines. It IS about winning. Period.

    Sean Brown : The UK’s support for Ukraine has been amazing. By comparison, Australia’s effort has been tokenism at best. Australia has provided 1/10th of Canada’s and 1/100th of the UK’s contributions to Ukraine. A couple of cardboard flying boxes, a few trainers staying in British pubs and less than 100 armoured vehicles does not amount to much.

    Ewin Barnett. : In 1994, Russia signed the Budapest Memorandum along with Ukraine, the UK and US to respect the territorial integrity of Ukraine in exchange for Ukraine giving up possession of the nuclear weapons the USSR left in Ukraine when the former dissolved. I hardly ever hear any demands that Russia simply abide by that agreement.

    Joseph Austin Johnnie. : Following from Sierra Leone 🇸🇱 West Africa. We support democracy , nato, British and the right of Ukraine 🇺🇦 to defend themselves from Russia unprovoked war .
    Give Ukraine every thing they need to do the job of liberating free world

  3. Mafia land had invested huge sums of money to buy Western whores who do their bidding in Western governments, international organizations, and the media. There can be no other conclusion than to think this when there still are many sick individuals who support a graceful exit for mafia land, land for peace proposals, or exhibit downright hate for Ukraine, and all this even after so many horrid atrocities by the orcs became public.

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