Railway section sabotaged in the Bryansk oblast: several tankers and wagons derailed from the tracks (PHOTO)

A sabotage attack has been carried out on the railway in the Bryansk oblast of the russian federation, causing several tankers carrying petroleum products and wagons to derail from the tracks. Local Telegram channels have reported the incident, and the regional authorities are no longer hiding the fact that it was an act of sabotage.

“An unidentified explosive device was detonated on the 136th kilometer of the Bryansk-Unecha railway in the Unechsky district, causing a locomotive of a freight train to derail from the tracks. There are no casualties. Emergency services are currently working at the site. Traffic on this section of the railway has been suspended”, – said Alexander Bogomaz, the governor of Bryansk oblast.

His statement that only the locomotive had derailed from the tracks has been refuted by photos from the scene, which show tankers and wagons also off the rails. The train consisted of a total of 60 wagons and tankers carrying petroleum products and lumber.

As previously reported, an unknown group detonated a support tower for power transmission lines 60 km from St. Petersburg.

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