Media: South Africa trying to convince Putin not to come due to arrest warrant

May 1, 2023

South-Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa (R) and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin (L) attend the first plenary session as part of the 2019 Russia-Africa Summit at the Sirius Park of Science and Art in Sochi, Russia, on Oct. 24, 2019. (Photo by Sergei Chirikov/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

South African officials are trying to persuade Russian dictator Vladimir Putin not to come to South Africa for a BRICS summit in August due to the International Criminal Court’s warrant for his arrest, South Africa’s Sunday Times reported on April 30.

The officials want Putin to attend the summit virtually, according to the Sunday Times.

According to government sources cited by the Sunday Times, a special commission established by South African President Cyril Ramaphosa concluded that, if Putin were to set foot in the country for the summit, they would be compelled to arrest him.

“We have no option not to arrest Putin,” a government official told the Sunday Times. “If he comes here, we will be forced to detain him.”

The ICC issued arrest warrants on March 17 for Putin and Maria Lvova-Belova, the Russian official overseeing the forced deportations of tens of thousands of Ukrainian children to Russia.

The ICC says that there are “reasonable grounds to believe” Putin holds direct accountability for supervising the deportations and that he neglected to exert authority over Russian soldiers and civilians executing the crime across occupied Ukrainian regions from the onset of Russia’s all-out war against Ukraine.

South Africa, as one of the 123 countries party to the Rome Statute, is obliged to execute arrest warrants issued by the ICC.

On April 25, Ramaphosa’s office walked back on public statements he’d made considering withdrawing from the ICC due to its “unfair treatment” of other countries.

The office said the statement was a “communication error” that the African National Congress (ANC) made during a media briefing.

“The presidency wishes to clarify that South Africa remains a signatory (of the ICC),” Ramaphosa’s office said in a statement.

BRICS summits are held to promote further commercial, political, and cultural cooperation between Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.


  1. I know that I’m wasting my time by saying this, but I hope that the West will remember how S. Africa stood on this. It’s obvious that they don’t really want to arrest the criminal rodent. So, it would be the right thing to do to withhold any monies allocated for development or humanitarian efforts to S. Africa, and even economic cooperation should be put on the chopping block. Let them deal only with mafia land and the other trash countries. Alas, if it weren’t for the damned greed…

  2. The little limping imp will stay in his little bunker with his little platform shoes and with his little hands he will throw a childish temper tantrum because he is being held to account for the first time in his evil life.
    Hell, how would he get there anyway? I suppose he could fly to the Chinese border and cross intl airspace there and then fly all the way back west lol…
    The US and the EU should pony up the $50 million for his arrest or death.

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