Who arranged the repressions in the captured Kherson: Gubarev called the name (video)

Yuri Kobzar13:44, 04/30/23

The invaders admitted that they threw civilians “into the pit” for pro-Ukrainian views.

The Russian occupiers systematically repressed the civilian population of Kherson , who opposed the occupation. This was confirmed by Pavel Gubarev, one of the former leaders of the “DPR”, and now an ally of Igor Girkin-Strelkov.

On one of the streams on the Internet, he admitted that his wife Kateryna personally organized the persecution of pro-Ukrainian activists in Kherson during the occupation. 

“Ukrainians went to rallies, they said, ‘Go away, occupiers!’ The mayor of Kherson drove along the highways and swore at the National Guard,” Gubarev describes the situation in Kherson as of March 2022.

According to him, a “Chekist task force” from Donetsk was brought to Kherson, but it did nothing with the rallies, since there was no such order. Then Ekaterina Gubareva personally took up the organization of repressions. She began to look for the main activists in social networks and then passed this information on to the “security officers”.

“She takes this list, goes to the ataman of the Kalmius Battalion – he is now imprisoned for looting, just at that time he was doing all this. She arrived and said,” Ivan Ivanovich, give me guys, we need to make arrests, “the terrorist boasts .

According to Gubarev, there were so many arrested patriots that there were not enough prisons for them, so they began to dig “pits” to contain the abducted civilians.

“And the rallies stopped,” the collaborator boasts.

https://www.unian.net/player/KaYJPdTCGubarev about repressions in Kherson

Occupation of Kherson

The battles for Kherson went on with varying success for several days, but in the end, by March 3, Russian troops took control of the city . Ukrainian authorities would later claim that this was the result of betrayal by some regional security forces.

Over the next few weeks, protests by local residents were regularly held in Kherson . People demanded that the invaders go home.

From September 23 to 27, the invaders held a staged “referendum” in Kherson and other occupied territories , after which they announced that 87% of the inhabitants of the Kherson region were allegedly in favor of joining Russia.

On November 11, Ukrainian troops liberated Kherson. Residents of the city welcomed the Ukrainian army with festivities .

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