Russian Federation killed three generations of a family in Uman with one missile (photo)

The consequences of the enemy’s massive missile attack on April 28 still hit the hearts of Ukrainians.

The occupiers attacked Uman , which the enemy made during the massive rocket attack on Ukraine on April 28, killed three generations of the family at once with one warhead.

The echo of this terrible day still “beats” the hearts of Ukrainians. We are talking about the tragedy that occurred in the family of the deceased resident of Uman Barchenko Irina Viktorovna. On that day, a Russian missile killed 5 family members along with it. The names and photos of the victims appeared on the page “Їх KILLED RUSSIA” on Facebook . 

We are talking about two children of a woman: 10-year-old daughter Alina (a student of the 4th grade of the Uman gymnasium No. 5) and 16-year-old son Vitaly Lysaka; as well as about her mother Barchenko Lyubvi Semyonovna and sister Barchenko Natalya Viktorovna.

“Three generations … as a result of a missile attack on 04/28/2023, a 39-year-old woman, her two children, her mother and sister, who came to visit over the weekend, were killed,” the page says. 

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Today Uman buries five victims of Russian missile attack

Recall that today the residents of Uman say goodbye to five Ukrainians who died from the Russian terrorist attack : Remez Natalya Leonidovna, Troychuk Ulyana Romanovna, Korennaya Svetlana Grigorievna, Shulga Sofia Dmitrievna, as well as Pisarev Kirill Anatolyevich

Recall that on April 28, the enemy hit a residential high-rise building with a rocket. The attack killed 23 Ukrainians. 

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