London is looking for long-range missiles for Ukraine

The UK plans to arm Ukraine with missiles with a 100 to 300 km range through the Fund for Ukraine.

The UK Ministry of Defense published a request for information to purchase military equipment intended for delivery to the Armed Forces of Ukraine under the International Fund for Ukraine.

This fund is a UK-led initiative and combines contributions from Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Lithuania for the rapid procurement of military equipment for Ukraine.

Organizations from other countries can also participate in projects within this initiative.

Companies from more than 40 countries applied for participation in the first – already completed – outcome of the fund.

The total capacity of the fund is currently over £520m. From this amount, £200 million have already been allocated, including for the supply of drones and reconnaissance systems, and air defense equipment to Ukraine, along with the spare parts for the equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Urgent Bidding Round 2 is currently underway, and requests for information have been published in two areas: long-range strike systems and mobility support, with applications due by May 4 and May 9, respectively.

The “essential requirements” for the “long-range strike system” list missiles or rockets with a range of 100-300km; designed for land, sea, or air launch. Their payload should be between 20 and 490kg.

“Desirable requirements” for it include a low probability of interception by anti-aircraft systems.

The request to ensure mobility support includes the purchase of mine rollers and mine ploughs for T-72 tanks, Leopard 1 and Leopard 2, and mine clearing vehicles.

Also, medium girder bridges are requested, namely 9 to 31 m and logistical support bridge launchers and reusable bridges: 40m to 80m, with at least Military Load Capacity (MLC) – 70(T), that is, capable of transporting a tank weighing about 63 tons.

British funding might also cover heavy equipment transporters.


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