Zelensky said that Hungary is demonstrating “inadequate behavior”

Anastasia Pechenyuk19:25, 04/29/23

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Hungary should not advise Ukraine to go or not to go to NATO and create obstacles in this, the president says.

President Volodymyr Zelensky considers Hungary’s behavior inadequate  as a country that is a member of the North Atlantic Alliance. 

In an interview with Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian journalists, the head of state noted that, in his opinion, in Hungary “there is a political entanglement of the political elites.” 

“It’s a very strange situation, can there be a NATO country for Russia and against NATO. I think that this is inadequate behavior, I’m speaking my subjective opinion. … If all allies say that Russia calls us an enemy, we must put Russia in its place, then one state cannot say: “No, Russia is our ally”. It cannot be so. So you are no longer an ally of the alliance. If you are a de jure ally, but de facto work against it, then you should not advise Ukraine to go or not go to NATO, you should not create barriers,” he added.

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  1. I think our President Zelensky in a very diplomatic manner told ORBAN to go fuck himself. Not sure but I think that was the gist of the interview.

    • Good observation Mike. My only query is…who the hell knows what NATO’s values are these days.

  2. Zelensky’s words about Hungary are much too mild. But, this is how it is when you must be diplomatic, even with total assholes.

  3. Hungary and Turkey are definitely problematic.

    Much is made about NATO not accepting Ukraine, but how could NATO with leaders like Yanukovych function?

    Anyway, Orban will not be able to stop Ukraine becoming a NATO member. That won’t happen while there is an active war though as it would immediately trigger a larger war that NATO rightly seeks to avoid.

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