“Nationalists bombed Sevastopol”: Girkin in a panic because of the “bavovna” in the Crimea

Marta Gichko08:32, 04/29/23

At the same time, he predicted that Russia would remain silent, because this could damage the “grain deal.”

The terrorist Igor Strelkov-Girkin threw a tantrum because of the “bavovna” in the temporarily occupied Sevastopol . He ironically predicted that the explosions at the oil depot would not affect the “sacred grain deal.”

“Ukrainian nationalists (I put it quite tolerantly? Didn’t discredit anyone?) bombed Sevastopol. There are no losses, only a fire. I hope this sad fact will not damage the sacred “grain deal.” As for the respected Kiev partners, they have nothing to do with it “These are all vicious nationalists. They will certainly be stigmatized again and promised to destroy our beloved Luntik (probably meant Putin – UNIAN),” Girkin said .

The terrorist also stressed that “there is nothing to worry about in the 15th month of NWO.”

“Kherson shame,” summed up Girkin.

(C)UNIAN 2023


  1. “There are no losses, only a fire.”

    Perhaps this terrorist can explain what military vehicles run on, and without it, they run nowhere.

    • More precisely, FOUR MAJOR fires that will likely take MONTHS if not years to replace and refill. I’m no expert but it seems to me the BSF are sitting fucking ducks for the immediate future. If we go into Crimea now, what will they maneuver with? Sailboats? Chinese green energy?

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