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April 29

(Imperfect translation) :

Not a bad run of history. Who finds this war unexpected can read. Text @Sergiy Borichevsky:

“Could have. This was completely and entirely foreseen. This is our problem – the inability to remember. Sometimes it seems to us as a virtue we think is the ability to forgive. This alone is not forgiveness. This is the Achilles heel of our people, the 300-year-old Stockholm syndrome that every time makes us forget all evil, close our eyes in the belief that it does not exist.
Lest we forget.
We are angry at those who remember and often humiliate them in their anger.

Year 1708 – Muscovites cut absolutely all residents of the city of baturyn, including children, 10-15 thousand victims in one day. Just because the city was the capital of Mazepa…

In February 1918, the troops under the command of Muravyov took over Kyiv and mass exterminated its population. Over 5-10 thousand dead. “The Duma requested a truce, in response I ordered to strangle them with gases.”

January 1919. The Red Army of Shchorsa near Kiev. The Directorate surrenders the capital without a fight, solemnly letting Shchors in. Shchors is the commandant of Kiev. Anyway, Schors plunges the city into chaos and violence. It comes to the point that from the position of commandant of Kiev, he is already in February removed by the same bolsheviks to stop the acts in the city. Then the Bolsheviks themselves will shoot Shchors. And we will put a monument to him in Kyiv that we will protect from decommunization. Although it’s the same thing if in Kyiv there was a monument to Michael “Givi” fat, for example.

1920s – mass repression against the Ukrainian village.

1932-1933 – Holodomor, which we will begin to truly remember only with Yushchenko’s presidency. At the same time, he and his perpetrators are more preferred to be remembered by people in the west of the country where the holodomor did not exist than the descendants of those who survived it. But reflexes and rituals about respectful attitude to bread will remain for a long time.

1937 – Shot down revival. When Holodomor was the extermination of the Ukrainian village, the cradle of the Ukrainian people, 1937 – the exterminationof Ukrainian culture, after which we lost the urban culture for a long time, and the cities themselves were Russified. That’s why you now speak Russian and say “eto our native language too, we don’t addadim his Russia”. How can you not give away something that is not yours though? According to some data, about 30 thousand people were persecuted. Entire industries and art streams have been destroyed. Including through the direct destruction of humans. And then you say “in Ukrainian literature there’s nothing interesting, slosnoê nitʹjo”.

June 1941, Lviv. The Russians, panicking fleeing Hitler’s army, are shooting about thousands of people held in prison on lontsky. The Germans bring out the bodies of the dead, the locals mourn them. After that, you’ll say “predatêlí, how are they brave to fight against the Russians in the gívíííí ска of Galicia? “.

Next is Gulag and hanged Ivasyuk. But instead you write on the wall of the Kiev house “this lived! “.

Year 1995. Terrible. A bombed city to ashes. The Russians killed about 35,000 civilians, about 5000 of them are children.

On December 11, 1999, the Russians issue ALL residents of Grozny an ultimatum to leave the city or they will be considered terrorists and will be destroyed. As of December 23, 2001 on the territory of chechnya there are over 800 filtracíjnih camps / points.

Year 2014. Ukraine. We massively attend concerts of Russian artists, repostimo dudâ, selfimosʹ on Red Square, work in the company of artemia lebedev, sing at korporativah gazprom, consider Russian journalists more professional than Ukrainian, in cities we despise Ukrainian language, we behave as if Russians are our brothers, and they call us potšnimí hokhlami, because Russians have a good memory.

2022 year. Buzz. Let’s not forget at least her.

Note: all the “we” and “you” in this text, of course, do not apply to you, dear reader, you are not, you are good, and this is just an artistic approach.”


Yesterday Oksana wrote: (again imperfect translation) :

Babies were killed again today. War is reaping its own. Rush freaks triumph in their publications. Tell me, what rejoices in killing sleepy children is still a human?

Uman people are not woke like me. In other cities as well. The devil is not sleeping.
The memory of the slain.


Also yesterday she wrote :

The original was signed: “We are closer than you think.”


  1. Many countries have declared mafia land to be a state sponsor of terrorism. Our incompetent, geriatric dust-bag in the Yellow House hasn’t.

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