Former KGB agent on Putin’s connections with men: Medvedev recruited, sang songs with Roldugin

Katerina Schwartz22:51, 04/29/23

According to Sergei Zhirnov, because of this “weakness” Putin was not taken into foreign intelligence.

Ex-employee of the KGB of the USSR and the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation Sergei Zhirnov said that the main weakness of the Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin is that he does not really like women.

The expert told Channel 24 about Putin’s intimate friendship with the famous musician Sergei Roldugin: “When Roldugin went to serve in the army, Putin arrived in his Cossack to the unit, Roldugin climbed over the wall of the barracks, they got into a car, drove around Leningrad, sang songs. great romance.”

According to Zhirnov, when Putin’s wife Lyudmila was pregnant, he did not communicate with her, but walked with Roldugin, and therefore he was not even taken to foreign intelligence. It is noted that somehow Putin did not like that people perceived them with Roldugin as a married couple. According to Zhirnov, Putin got into a fight in which his arm was broken.

“This is one of the options, there are still enough. For example, with Dmitry Medvedev, whom Putin recruited when he was a young teacher. We don’t know what they did there. But for some reason, it was this Medvedev that Putin entrusted to warm his throne since 2008 to 2012″. – said the ex-KGB agent.

Zhirnov called Putin’s mistress, Russian ex-gymnast Alina Kabaeva, a cover and a “purse” – a huge amount of real estate and money was recorded on her.

Putin’s doubles – what was reported

As UNIAN wrote, Putin “juggles” doubles to attend certain events . Psychologist Dmitry Popov revealed three personality types of the Kremlin dictator’s doubles.

According to him, each of these types corresponds to personal characteristics. There is a “talker”, “stadium” and “traveler” – these are public twins. There is also a “bunker” Putin – this is the main “fake”.

According to the psychologist, he did not personally meet with Putin, but his behavioral characteristics are too unnaturally different.

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