Send F16’s now


  1. There is no time to waste.
    Send them now; at least 4 squadrons.
    Hire trained volunteers from anywhere in the world. Who cares where? Ditto ground crew.
    The Budapest signatories should pay. The cost can be recouped from the at least $500 billion putinazi criminal stash that is available.

    • It won’t happen. The WH doesn’t want to escalate the situation, not enough civilians have been slaughtered yet.

      • Of course I appreciate that you are making a satirical point. But the putinazis probably do make their own sinister calculations. They still retain the option of mass civilian slaughter via carpet bombing of cities. They may well be holding this devilish option in reserve in case of a rout of their fucking orcs by the defenders. But also they may have calculated that even a timid, semi-detached old geezer like Biden might have limits.
        As stated previously, it’s hard to imagine a Ukrainian commander launching a full scale D Day-type operation to liberate Crimea without long range fires and modern fighters. The Biden administration is forcing them to take a piecemeal approach. Which is not at all desirable.
        The putinazis celebrating mass murder of civilians has been a feature of putler’s demonic war from day one. Unfortunately, so is the indifference of western politicians
        Even this latest horror in Uman won’t stop Trump and his acolytes from their loathing and hatred of Ukraine.

          • The sad part about your question is that no answer can be made spontaneously. As a matter of fact, I have none. Biden’s track record is mediocre, and we don’t really know what the trumpet would’ve done if he were POTUS now, despite his stupid big mouth.

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